Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AuSable Watershed Monitoring Meeting - Feb 4

Come join the gang in the geology lab at Kirtland Community College Thursday February 4, 2010 at 5 PM! We will eat, look at bugs through the microscope and plan for next spring's river collection day.

So what is it about? Gahagan Preserve spearheaded the effort to monitor water quality on Michigan's upper AuSable River. We do this by collecting macro-invertebrates, identifying them by species and quantity. Certain bugs can live in clean waters. Others do better in poor quality streams. The balance helps us to determine where the AuSable stands.

This is a volunteer program. Some great groups are involved. You can find their names at http://www.ausableriverwatershed.org/, website of the effort. You’ll find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with Phd’s, fly fishers and people who like the river. We’ll show you how to identify the bugs, how to find the bugs and what it all means. Send an e-mail to info@gahagannature.org for more information.

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