Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Crystals at Tank Creek

This past weekend saw minus temps at Gahagan Preserve. At the narrow beginnings of Tank Creek, a micro-climate of moisture created beautiful ice crystals. The early morning light made them sparkle. The majority of crystals were the size of a dime or nickel and each looked like it were a snowflake seen through a microscope.

This photo was taken from the new deck and boardwalk; an addition to the handicapped trail system. A new trail map found at the Preserve's website ( will show the way. The snowbase is hard enough so it it reasonable to walk there without snowshoes as of today. Today's warmup all the way into the teens has eroded the formations already. Try looking for the crystals the next morning that we hit below zero.

For more adventure, put on some snowshoes and head out on the green trail to the springs. You'll find more interesting formations out there.
-Brian Hutchins

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