Friday, February 5, 2010

AuSable Lab Work Finished

The Upper AuSable Watershed Water Quality Monitoring Group finished the remaining lab work last night. This completes the effort for 2009 except producing the final report. Ten volunteers identified the remaining macro invertebrates (generic term = aquatic bugs). We can happily report that the AuSable River and its upper branches have excellent water quality scores based on the quantity and type of invertebrates found. Certain aquatic insect species need clear, high quality water in order to survive. Others do not. By obtaining stream samples of bugs, we can determine whether water quality is an issue.
Consider joining us on the sampling days. We do it twice a year; the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday after Labor Day. We provide the equipment. You may wish to bring your own waders. We will train you. And you will have a great morning outdoors, in a beautiful stream setting, helping the environment and learning things about the river that you never imagined.
Contact information is found on the project’s website:

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