Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Funky Weather

For those of you from out of town who check in here to see what it is like around Roscommon today - it is summer. The highs have made it into the low 70's. The snow is long gone. The last remaining ice on Higgins Lake should be about gone. It looked pretty punky yesterday and besides today's balmy temperatures, the winds have been around 25 mph. I can't believe that the ice I saw yesterday could hold together today. Tomorrow the wind continues and the temperature is suppose to climb into or near the 80's.

The past winter and now the spring have been unusal. Much of northern Michigan never saw much in the way of lake effect snow. The winds were rarely from the northwest and usually had a southernly component. The places that saw lake effect often were not the places that usually get it. Further, there was almost no system snow. The storms all past south of here once we reached the Christmas period. In fact, we have had virtually no moisture of any kind since Christmas and things are bone dry. Fire danger is reaching into the very high to extreme range and burning has been banned.

All this leads to one other thing - the sun. You could guess that if it hasn't snowed and hasn't rained that it might be sunny. We have had far more sunny days than normal. It is not quite Arizona but it sure doesn't seem like Michigan!

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