Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tank Creek

Tank Creek begins at the Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve. The gravel moraine to the west of Gahagan is part of the peninsular divide, separating the river systems flowing to Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. On the west side of the hill, the ground water flows to Higgins Lake and the Cut River, then through Houghton Lake and the Muskegon River to Lake Michigan. On the Gahagan side of the hill, the ground water surfaces as springs in and around the preserve and from these Tank Creek is formed. This small rivulet begins the surface water journey to The South Branch of the AuSable River, on to the AuSable Mainstream and around 120 mile later flushes into Lake Huron near Oscoda. Take a half-minute to enjoy the creek in this video. It is only a couple feet wide even as the spring melt has begun. Listen as the birds sing and the woodpeckers rap faintly in the background. Note: this is video is 30 seconds long and plays best on higher speed connections.

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