Monday, April 26, 2010

May is for the Birds at Gahagan!

Gahagan's May programs will feature the birds.

Tuesday, May 4 join us for the Sky Dance of the Woodcock. we meet at the cabin at 8 PM and wander to a nearby field hoping to find the Wookcock during its spring mating ritual. RSVP at

Tom Dale, our environmental educator, hosts a walking tour of the Gahagan Preserve Friday, May 14 as part of the Kirtland's Warbler Wildlife Festival. Walk starts at 5PM at the cabin. Its about more than birds but the festival gets its name from one.

On Tuesday, May 18, rise early and meet our expert birders, Joanne and Jack Bouck at Tawas Point State Park near Tawas City on the Lake Huron coast. Be there by 9AM. The point is a noted flyway for migratory birds and birders flock there as well at this time of year. A Michigan State Park vehicle permit is requied for entry.

MSU Extension Forest Educator Russell Kidd will take a you on a tree identification walk through Gahagan's majestic pines and cedars on Saturday, May 22 from 10AM to noon. Well we have a lot of other varieties as well. Let Russell clue you in on who is whom and answer your questions about trees. Okay, this isn't about birds but they do live in, feed off and enjoy them too!

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