Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanks to the Clean-up Crew!

Yesterday was our annul clean-up of the grounds and buildings at the Gahagan Preserve. Bob Tupper, Rich Silverman and Sue Mires rafed around the cabin. Sue along with Brian Hutchins mopped the cabin floors. Bobbie Werle cleaned chairs and rid the cabin of the dust. The windows are see-through again thanks to Tracy Bozworth. Mark Bozworth tidied the garage. Jeremy Jones , Mark and Brian set the donation pipe in the ground. Boardwalk repairs were made by Jeremy, Rich, Mark and Brian. Julie Borak did a host of things.
On previous days, Lori Silk raked and readied the butterfly garden and Jack Bouck cleared the debris from the asphalt trail and boardwalks.
Thanks to everyone that chipped in.

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