Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicks and Owls

The six chickadee nestlings using the Gahagan birdhouse with a camera feed to the cabin's TV are growing fast and look ready to fly. The parents are busy flying in food to the hungry mouths then waiting for their young to bend over so they can remove the chicks excrement and fly it out of the nest. It is interesting to watch if not pleasurable to think about!

A large owl is hanging around the walkway between the pond and the gazebo. Take a peek around or sit and listen. we saw it around 11am this morning.

New wildflowers keep popping. The Glidden wildflower garden in front of the cabin is full of bumblebees and butterflies buzzing through this maturing patch. In another year, the plot should be thick with the plantings of a couple of years ago.

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