Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gahagan Under Snow

The trails through the preserve have a thick coating of snow now. Winter came late but with new snow over night and snow and cold weather the past couple weeks, it looks like you would expect in late January.
The sun is out today and the pines are covered with snow, dazzling in the bright light. This is the best time ot travel the Green Trail. You need snowshoes. The trail snakes through lowlands to the spring in the northeast coner of the preserve. Skis won't make it through because of the need to step over small, fallen trees. Int eh summer it is too wet to traverse easily. Give it a try! the trail was tracked in a few days ago making it the easiest time to find it. It changes frequently as we do not saw the downed trees in this area very often and never when the snow is not there.

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