Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Tawas Point

Gahagan Nature Preserve hosted a birding trip to Tawas Point on Monday. The point is famous for its annual spring bird migration. To the right front are our leaders Jack and Joanne Bouck. We saw a variety of warblers, a number of orioles, scarlet tanagers, and indigo buntings. Large flocks of blue jays and cedar wax wings were moving through the area. We counted a few shorebirds, brown thrashers, king birds and an osprey. The variety was outstanding.

If you want to learn about birds - you still have a chance. The Gahagan Preserve bird count is Thursday, May 26 from 8am until noon. Meet at the cabin at the start. No experience necessary. See www.GahaganNature.org for directions.

A Baltimore oriole (l) and Scarlet tanager (r) spotted during the Tawas Point trip.

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