Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Morning

A cool, crisp, sunny morning greeted the Gahagan Preserve this year on Christmas - but not much snow. The cabin stood still and cold. The fresh dust of snow witnessed the stirring of its residents. The pond, frozen at on end, showed the entrance of spring water at the other. The tall pines overlooked it all.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trumpeters at Marl Lake

Late this afternoon the low sun in the west lit two trumpeter swans floating just of the thin shelf of ice that has formed on Marl Lake. Wouldn't you know it - left the camera home. The lake sits on the south side of North Higgins Lake State Park near Roscommon. The swans were near the access site in the park just off the small stream that enters the lake at the start of the hiking trails. If the current weather keeps up, the shallow lake will freeze over any day. Where will the swans go? Do they plan to winter in the Cut River? Will they move temporarily to Higgins Lake? Will they just move on?

In recent years there seems to be more trumpeters in the AuSable River system during winter. Maybe we have a growing population.

The Marl Lake area is one of the great natural areas that is open for the public to enjoy in Roscommon County.