Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Wildflower Time

This a good time for wildflower viewing out on the Gahagan pathways.

Shown are forget-me-nots behind the cabin.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Tawas Point

Gahagan Nature Preserve hosted a birding trip to Tawas Point on Monday. The point is famous for its annual spring bird migration. To the right front are our leaders Jack and Joanne Bouck. We saw a variety of warblers, a number of orioles, scarlet tanagers, and indigo buntings. Large flocks of blue jays and cedar wax wings were moving through the area. We counted a few shorebirds, brown thrashers, king birds and an osprey. The variety was outstanding.

If you want to learn about birds - you still have a chance. The Gahagan Preserve bird count is Thursday, May 26 from 8am until noon. Meet at the cabin at the start. No experience necessary. See for directions.

A Baltimore oriole (l) and Scarlet tanager (r) spotted during the Tawas Point trip.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wet. Wet. Wet

Heavy rains the past week have re-flooded the wetland areas along Tank Creek. The dock at the pond sits a few inches below the top of the pond. The Brookside Sub entrance area is flooded and will take a few days to recede.
The wildflowers seem about two weeks behind last year. The marsh marigolds like this wet and are out in the creek area. You will find some violets in bloom. The butterfly garden at the cabin has not much action yet but Julie's parking lot garden is looking great.