Friday, July 23, 2010

Nature Camp - Great this Year

Twenty-three youth enjoyed Marguerite Nature Preserve's Summer Nature Camp the last few days. Tom Dale and Karen Demers brought the natural world to life. The preserve became the classroom - the outdoors replaced our tech world for three days.

Above left, Tom discusses the relationship of local names to our local natural world. In this case, Kirtland College named for a scientist who was an important link in the discovery of Kirtland's Warbler. On the right he shows a life-sized model of the American Lion - an extinct animal that roamed our continent in the past. The model was based on fossil remains found in California.
Later, Tom highlighted the remaining wild cats in North America - the jaguarundi, margay, ocelot and jaguar which do not reside locally. The cougar, lynx and bobcat can be found in our Michigan.

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