Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walking Around

Gahagan Preserve is a reflection of much of natural northern Michigan. A varied collection of plants and organization. As you drive to the parking lot through the Roscommon Industrial Park and the piles of decomposing leaves, it is hard to imagine the beauty that lie behind the cedar post fence at the entrance to Gahagan. The wildflower planting surround part of the parking help pursuade you to take a chance. Once inside, the visitor is greeted by tall pines. A walk towards Tank Creek adds in cedar, hemlock, cattails and fern. The woodpeckers work away and you have the opportunity of viewing an owl. Songbirds chirp in the background. Aspen and small pines inhabit the back portion. The creek gathers more water, slides passed a spring or two. Animals enjoy the quiet by the water and the liquid that they need. Take a trip one morning; one evening and enjoy. - A trail map is found at http://www.gahagannature.org/.

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