Friday, April 16, 2010

Cat Tales

Our educator Tom Dale has been touring area schools this spring presenting his program Cat Tales. It is Gahagan's annual in school environmental education project titled the visiting naturalist partnered with Kirtland Community College and the Kirtland Warbler Wildlife Festival. Here is part of what he offered to the school children. You can see the program this summer as well at Gahagan's Family Night, July 22, 7 PM.
Imagine a cat that is big enough to swallow your head in one bite! Such a cat once roamed NorthAmerica. Fossils found in Florida, Alaska and most especially California’s Rancho La Brea Tar Pits document Panthera leo atrox, the American lion. The replica skull pictured here is in our traveling collection and we like to save it for last. After demonstratingbobcat, lynx and cougar skulls, as well as a “saber” of the famous saber toothed cat, the American lion skull always produces excited sounds from the audience, and still more excitement is heard when a child’s head is completely “consumed” inside those dreadful jaws!

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